As the FIFA World Cup passes an attendance milestone, let's celebrate supporters...

Every four years fans of football come together to show their passion...

Through the first 21 matches, over 1,011,000 people have attended matches in the stadiums. That's almost 50,000 per contest

The moment when fans and teams come together to sing their national anthem is always a special moment. A chance to show the world their voice

Along with playful costumes, Japanese supporters have become known for helping to clean up their part of the stadium, which they did after their team beat Colombia

After their victory against Poland, video emerged of Senegalese fans also picking up trash in the stadium


Full attendance numbers at all 3 Luzhniki Stadium matches so far

Instruments and bands at matches are common for many teams and create an amazing atmosphere

FIFA Fan Fest sites were visited by 2.5 million people in the first 7 days of the World Cup

Special Fans

It is always emotional when players greet their loved ones after the match as you can see with Poland's Robert Lewandowski and his wife after their loss to Senegal

Iceland's "Viking Thunderclap" is an experience that all fans in Russia are hoping to see

Whether you're in Russia or at home, join the fun!

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