Legend of French football, world champion in 1998, the former striker is now part of Belgium's coaching staff. The Red Devils have thrived in Russia and have high hopes of making their first World Cup Final. But who will Henry's team face in the semi-finals? Les Bleus! One more chapter in Titi's amazing story on the world stage.


Henry was only 20 when he won the FIFA World Cup in 1998. He was France's top scorer in the tournament (3 goals), and also converted in the crucial quarter-final penalty shootout with Italy.


A tournament to forget for Henry.

Beaten by Senegal in the opening game, he was then sent off against Uruguay.

Les Bleus left the World Cup at the group stage without scoring a single goal.


So far, so close

Henry's 3 goals - including a match-winner against Brazil in the quarter-finals - were not enough to take France to the trophy in 2006. Les Bleus made the Final but opponents Italy won the eventual penalty shootout, leaving Henry empty-handed in Berlin.

In his last World Cup as a player, Henry only played 53 minutes. South Africa 2010 was a traumatic experience for France that included public fights with Raymond Domenech and a group stage exit.


I could have been the older brother but I wasn't anymore. I felt isolated, it doesn't matter by who. They didn't talk to me as they used to. When you don't have credibility in a group any more it becomes difficult.

Thierry Henry on his experience at South Africa 2010

Just a few years after his retirement in 2014, Henry is back at the highest level with a national team. But instead of French blue, he's wearing Belgian red. Henry joined the Red Devils as assistant coach to Roberto Martinez and here is, once again, at the World Cup...

“What has impressed me the most is his ability to pass on his experience to the players. He knows what it means to accomplish something that previous generations weren’t able to do. Thierry is a psychological weapon that we use.

Roberto Martínez, Belgium coach

Since we've worked closely together, I think I’ve become twice as good. He helps me so much with all aspects of the game: understanding, the technique, the strikes… I owe him a lot.

Romelu Lukaku, Belgium striker


France's all-time leading scorer with 51 goals, he found the net 6 times at a World Cup. Can he reach another Final?

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