Alisson's entire family consists of goalkeepers.

  • Mother (handball)
  • Father (football)
  • Great grandfather (football)
  • Older brother (Muriel) was his team-mate at Internacional and now plays in Portugal
You must know that every save that I make here in Russia is also yours. My success is your success. We are part of the same story   

Alisson's message to Muriel ahead of the World Cup

(H/T Player's Tribune)

The younger brother has taken his promise very seriously. In Russia he currently sits on 310 minutes of playing time without conceding a goal.  

He decided to become

a goalkeeper while watching

Brazil win the 2002 World Cup.

That is the South Americans' last

world title to date.

 I will never forget the feeling. It was like a revelation. I thought: this is what I am going to do. I am going to play for Brazil. And I will win the World Cup

Alisson, about the final in 2002

In 2009, he was Brazil's No1 at the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Nigeria

along with current team-mates Coutinho, Casemiro and Neymar.

Brazil were eliminated in the group stage.

Nine years later, he's ready to win it all in Russia.  

Alisson is studying under 1994 World Cup winner Taffarel - a goalkeeping idol for him for both club (Internacional) and country. The current No1 still remembers celebrating Taffarel's performance against Netherlands in the 1998 World Cup semi-final.


On fire

He plays for Roma and this season he recorded the best shots saved ratio of all Serie A goalkeepers (79 per cent of shots on target saved). 

Belgium next

A showdown with Romelu Lukaku

awaits in Friday's quarter final.

Belgium have scored 12 goals

-more than any other team in Russia-

and Lukaku's contribution (4)

has him chasing the golden boot.



Follow Alisson's performance as he attempts to reach the semi-finals!

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