Live it up, Live! 

Era Istrefi, Will Smith and Nicky Jam elevated, Russian soprano Aida Garifullina mesmerised and Brazil legend Ronaldinho surprised all on a Djembe drum, the opening ceremony had spectacle, surprises and an unforgettable amount of style.  


The number of fans that attended the final, filling Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium to its official full capacity. 

Host nation dreams, stunned former champions, penalty shootouts and a 6-goal Final, Luzhniki hosted 7 matches in total and showcased the most dramatic of the tournament including the first and final games. 

It’s a fantastic moment because it’s the original Trophy. In reality, you only hold it in your hands for a moment, and as captain you inevitably think about the players who have lifted it and then passed it on.

2014 World Champion Philipp Lahm who handed over the trophy at the closing ceremony

The debut

2018 is Croatia’s first ever appearance in a World Cup Final. Their best finish before Russia 2018 was a third place in 1998, the champions at that edition: France. 

France’s 4th goal, scored by Kylian Mbappe, made them the first team to score four goals in a World Cup Final since Brazil in 1970.

The 6 goals scored in the 2018 final are as many as have been scored in the past 4 World Cup finals combined (2002-2014).

We were really a united group. We did something incredible, we made history and we are going to enjoy it. We’re going to see our families and we’re going to party. 

Antoine Griezmann, France

And the winners are...

The winners of the adidas Golden Boot, Ball and Glove awards along with the FIFA Young Player and Fair Play Trophy winner have been revealed.




Relive all the unforgettable action!

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